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I spent more than 8 years of my video production career working in local television Creative Services.  These are just a few samples of the hundreds of TV ads that I've produced for numerous businesses and organizations over the years.

TV Commercials

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Whether it's crafting a creative strategy with a client, searching for that unique camera angle, or sitting at the computer to create a compelling story... I am passionate about creating video!

Promotional Media

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Award Winner V5.png

Human Interest and PSAs

Video is one of the most powerful forms of communication because it can convey stories of the human condition both visually and through sound.  You can see the emotion on people's faces.  Your heart can be stirred to believe in a cause, give of your time and money or take action to help your fellow man.  Below are some samples from my reel that were made to promote awareness of social issues.

More and more, businesses are seeing the need for video as a means of promotion in this digital age.  It can grow one's customer base, educate current employees and advance corporate goals.  Here are some examples of pieces I've created to promote businesses.

Corporate Videos


Waynesboro, Virginia, USA

Video Editor // Producer // Photographer

Adobe Premiere // Final Cut Pro

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Click here to connect with me through my video production and photography business.

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