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A Little Bit About Me...


Professional Experience: 20 years
Education: James Madison University –- Media Arts & Design

Skills: Creative thinking, videography, video editing, photography, attention to detail, exceptional client service, team-building, accountability, being a people person (aka "The Gift of Gab"), and seeing the big picture while still caring about the details.

Hobbies/Likes: Traveling, hiking, golf, photography, carpentry, UFC/mixed martial arts, hanging out with my brothers from church.


I love the collaborative nature of video production, and always seek out new challenges that involve big ideas, an inspiring message, and attention-getting media.  And I've had the privilege of winning multiple industry awards for work that embodies such characteristics.


Since 2015, I've been a member of the Marketing & Media Relations team at Piedmont Virginia Community College (PVCC). As the Multimedia Design Specialist, I produce videos to promote academic programs and student services, as well as take video and photographs of events at the college.  I'm proud to be using my creative talents to assist PVCC's mission of offering accessible, affordable, high-quality educational programs that promote student success and community vitality.


Prior to working at PVCC, I spent more than 8 years in television marketing, working for Gray Television, Inc.  I was the Creative Services Director at CBS19/WCAV for 3.5 years, and a Creative Services Producer at WHSV-TV for almost 5 years.  Both positions helped me become adept at working under tight deadlines and creating media for clientele spanning dozens of industries.  On a daily basis, I took the needs of businesses and turned them into successful marketing campaigns.


I graduated from James Madison University in 2003, with a degree in Media Arts & Design, Digital Media concentration, and the skills to begin my career in video production were born. Thus far in my career, I've had the opportunity to create commercials, PSAs, corporate promotional videos, documentaries, wedding videos, and even the occasional short film.


Even at a young age, I enjoyed creative endeavors. My childhood was filled with drawing/sketching and building forts in the backyard (or on the living room floor). By high school, my interests turned to media. As a member of the inaugural graduating class from Varina High School's Center for Communications, I studied graphic design, live TV production, journalism writing, and photography. My Friday nights in the Fall were often filled with videotaping high school football games for the public school's cable channel.

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